Operation Revel:

an organized, cogent plan to create
the first Global Holiday on Earth;

celebrating the International day of peace.


The Homo Sapien is born a loving, connecting, reasoning animal -- a miraculous species like no other, capable of incomprehensible feats, especially when we work in cooperation. 
In order for our species to overcome the narratives of our violent history our first step must be to reimagine a bold, new, exciting future.  
To help do this, Peace Accelerators created Operation Revel.

Operation Revel is an organized strategy to grow a global holiday into existence; 
for humans to take a unified day once a year across the planet to recognize and celebrate how far we have come --
and most importantly how far we are going to go -- as we continue to unite together across borders, races, gender, sexual preferences, and social classes, age groups and more.

Currently on Earth there is no holiday our entire planet celebrates.

As of 2017, most of our largest celebrations consists of either religious or national celebrations or are focused on some form of sports victory.
Even New Years is celebrated at different times in different regions of the planet. 
Peace Accelerators is not against or in opposition of any of these celebrations.
However, Peace Accelerators believes it is undeniably and immeasurably important that we create a holiday based around a concept that all humans on our planet can celebrate. 

The International Day Of Peace (the IDP)

In 1981 the UN created a day called the International Day Of Peace.  
The purpose for its creation was to provide a globally shared date for all humanity to commit to Peace above all differences and to contribute to building a Culture of Peace.
"Peace day" is not about ignoring the pain that exists on our planet but celebrating our victories and how far we have come to reinvigorate us for our challenges still ahead.
The intention was beautiful.
The follow-up and strategy seems rather weak. 

In 2016, 35 years after the days inception there was barely any events in New York City  (the heartbeat metropolis of the planet and home to the UN) celebrating the international day of peace.
This was one of the main reasons Peace Accelerators began and Christopher, one of PA's founders, held We Are One Species for the first time,

The Strategy: 
WE ARE One SPecies (WAOS)

In order to grow the first international holiday we must think in terms of scalability and feasibility. 
Each year Peace Accelerators will be putting on the largest celebration in NYC (in collaboration with many other organizations) for the International Day Of Peace. The celebration is called "We Are One Species" a name to reflect the intention that it is time for humankind to unite and collaborate on the pressing issues and threats of our time (such as our current ecological crisis and potential risks of deviant AI). 

Each year our goal is to grow the celebration in attendance by a factor of 10.