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Law & Governance Hackathon

July 27-29th @ Bushwick Generator


Blockchain for Peace is a community resource center for social entrepreneurs, researchers, and impact investors to create a global open-source knowledge library. 


Blockchain for Peace was started because at Peace Accelerators we are part of the overwhelming social impact movement in the blockchain industry and we noticed the lack of communication and coordination amongst all the groups. We are all trying to do what we can to save the world in this historic period of time and we should

Blockchain for Peace values community, collaboration, and accelerating the development of our entire ecosystem. This is why we are changing the model of traditional hackathons at our upcoming Law & Governance hackathon in July 27-29th. Citizens of the local Bushwick and NYC community will present projects that they need and are working on in real life that need blockchain platforms built to support them, this means hackathon projects are built to solve real problems and will potentially be put into production in the near future. We are also introducing a new model where participants compete to be the first to solve code bounties submitted on Gitcoin, producing code for open-source projects like uPort.

Who should come:

  • Policy, human rights, and GP lawyers  
  • Web and blockchain developers
  • Politicians and government officials
  • UX/UI designers and illustrators

Hackathon Ideas: 

  • Design a DAO for the local Bushwick community.
  • Design holocratic self-organizing organizations influenced by biomimicry.
  • Integrate TCRs into legal process for voting, bill proposition, and liquid democracy.
  • Build a tokenized community fund to sponsor public projects like art installations and parks.

ackathon Prizes:

  • Community Design— Well thought out, practical, initiative that and with a sustainable business model.
  • Future of Humanity — The team who creates the most impactful solution according to the UN’s SDGs.
  • Local Focused — Bushwick is a hotbed of blockchain culture and technology so build a project that is uniquely situated to the community and problems faced in this neighborhood.
  • Crowd Favorite– Everyone will have a chance to vote on which project they like best

For more info you can contact us on Slack, register for the hackathon on Eventbrite, or read the full hackathon description on Hackernoon.


Blockchain for Peace Partners:

Peace Accelerators is a NYC based non-profit and 21st century peace movement using data and time to co-create a peaceful future for our planet as effectively as possible. With over 2,000 thought leaders, futurists, designers, and activist community members we host technology, culture, and philosophical events around the city.

Stanford Peace Innovation Lab is a global community consisting of thought leaders from the fields of behavior design, innovation, persuasive and social technologies and finance increasing positive peace via real world interventions as well as urban-scale innovations.

Bushwick Generator is a 100,000+ sq. ft. mixed-use office and hotel project that serves as a place for the diverse local community to discuss and shape the future of the neighborhood.  The concept of the Bushwick Blockchain Alliance was born out of these neighborhood discussions.

Bushwick Blockchain Alliance is the portal to integrating this fundamentally world-changing digital technology, blockchain, into the physical and social fabric of New York City.  Our intention is to foster the creation of a neighborhood that can be experimental and playful, yet intentional and educational. 

Benefits of sponsoring Blockchain for Peace :

  • Represent your company as a leader in blockchain social impact community.
  • Apps built by one of the largest blockchain developer communities in the world.
  • Get access to Peace Accelerator's global network of companies, governments, and NGOs.
  • Network and build relationships with other socially conscious blockchain companies at Friday night's mixer.
  • Onboard open source developers to your codebase and build long term relationships with them as contributors.

All proceeds go to 501(c)(3) non-profit Peace Accelerators and our Blockchain for Peace initiative.


Contact Us

For event sponsorship please direct your messages to our community manager Kiba Gateaux. 

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