The Earth Flag
 the 21st Century evolution
to the global Identity. 

If we truly want peace we must evolve and update specific degenerate, outdated mindsets--
never through force, but by inspiration, education, and edification. 

One of the most important mental shifts that must take place over this decade (2018-2028) is the ascension of our dominant tribal identity.
Innately, homo sapiens unconsciously identify themselves with tribes-- from religions to occupations to sports teams to cities to social classes to nation states.   

"Our highest allegiance" is created by what we choose as the most dominant of these tribal identities.

The Earth Flag is a symbol representing an upgrade - a cognitive evolution - of the homo sapien's highest allegiance.

We are not separated by borders but instead by mental barriers and stories we have chosen to believe. 
Some of these antiquated narratives over this century will dissolve allowing us to transcend our mind into a unified planet.
This natural adaptation is already taking place, but if we are cognizant of this transition and give it a symbol we can catalyze it's momentum.

The faster this mental evolution takes place the more chance we have to divert the worst potential consequences of our ecological crisis. 

Peace Accelerators use the Earth Flag as a sign of unity, peace, and hope.
We wear it proudly.

We give out patches of the Earth Flag out at our events for people that come to multiple. 

But, an extraterrestrial visitor examining the differences among human societies would find those differences trivial compared to the similarities. We are one species. 
— Carl Sagan